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Stemming from Shiv Nadar’s vision of a meritocracy-based education system offering equal opportunities to all, the SSN College of Engineering, or SSN, established in 1996 in Chennai, was the first-ever initiative of the Foundation to set up an educational institution. Consistently ranked amongst the top 10 private engineering colleges in India, the institution continues to make great strides in the field of higher education.

In pursuit of excellence in higher education and research, the SSN institutions (SSN College of Engineering, SSN School of Management, SSN School of Advanced Software Engineering, SSN School of Advanced Career Education, and SSN Research Centre) are known as one of the premier centers of higher education in the country. Renowned for establishing one of the largest scholarship programs in India, SSN has offered scholarships worth USD 7 Million, benefitting over 5000 students, including over 2000 first-generation learners.

Owing to the underlying belief that education extends beyond that which is purely academic, co-curricular activities are a part and parcel of the way of life at SSN institutions. A residential campus equipped with best-in-class facilities and an accomplished faculty aims to cultivate a stimulating environment for its students.

Affiliated with prestigious universities like Carnegie Mellon (US), National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan), and Aichi Institute of Technology (Japan), the SSN institutions afford their students an international platform to engage with the best of global academicians. Special personality development programs are also employed to transform thinking and encourage students to be socially aware and professionally competent–to be the change agents of the future.

Many of the SSN students from various undergraduate programs have been accepted into leading global universities like Duke University, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, etc., thereby strengthening SSN’s global alumni network.

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Number of students
Faculty & staff
Campus area
228 acres
Built-up area
2.0 Mn sq. ft.
₹ 518 Cr (US$ 68 Mn)
Modern Education System In India
SSN College Of Engineering
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Modern Education System In India
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