Shiv Nadar School In Noida

SHIKSHA - Shiv Nadar Foundation Initiative

The Shiv Nadar School endeavors to create a stimulating and enriching environment to foster young minds and guide them into becoming lifelong learners and ethically and morally responsible citizens. The core philosophy is to allow students to be independent in their thought processes by teaching how to think and not what to think, and to create a stimulating environment that excites them and encourages curiosity.

Established as the K-12 urban education initiative of the Shiv Nadar Foundation, there are currently 3 branches of the Shiv Nadar School—at Gurgaon, Noida, and Faridabad, in Delhi-NCR.

With a holistic, student-centric, and interdisciplinary approach to education, the curriculum centers on identifying the unique talent and potential of every kid and nurture it so that it can blossom. Challenging students to evoke and nurture their inherent talents and skills and facilitating deeper learning is the fundamental intent behind innovative technology and new-age measures such as flipped classroom education models, lecture capture, integrated computing spaces, workshops, and seminars. The school seeks to forge a balance between the scholastic and co-curricular realms, catalyzed by technology and innovation, to draw out an emphatic and all-rounded framework for intellectual, social, and personal growth and development. By delivering educational excellence, the Shiv Nadar School aims to provide education for life.

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Number of schools
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Faculty & staff
Campus area
29 acres
Built-up area
1.0 Mn sq. ft.
₹ 914 Cr (US$ 121 MN)
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Shiv Nadar School - Education For Life
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