Vision & Mission


Nation building through transformational leadership.


Creating equitable opportunities for leadership, through focused philanthropy

Key Pillars:

The key pillars of Shiv Nadar Foundation:

Leadership Building: Shiv Nadar Foundation aspires to build leaders of tomorrow, by empowering the youth with a future driven by knowledge, acumen, skills, values, and principles through quality education.

Creative vs. Corrective: Looking beyond the ‘corrective philanthropy’ approach, where issues are identified and addressed through time-bound, project-based initiatives, Shiv Nadar Foundation is driven by ‘creative philanthropy’ as its guiding philosophy to achieve sustainable high-impact socio-economic transformation. This model affords sustained institutionalised philanthropy as a lasting force multiplier that impacts associated individuals and the society en masse.

Transparency and Governance: As an organisation, the board of trustees and the management at Shiv Nadar Foundation work towards ensuring that the Foundation functions with optimal responsibility and highest standards of functional transparency and governance. With transparency at the core of its operations, Shiv Nadar Foundation is one of the few private Foundations in India that publish an Annual Report with audited financial figures. The working practices align with a set of stringent policies, including committee charters, standards of independence and code of ethics that ensure the philanthropic objectives are met unwaveringly.

Longevity: With its focused vision and unflinching commitment, Shiv Nadar Foundation aims to create institutions that continue on beyond the lifespan of its founders for centuries to come.

Sustainability: With a heritage of conceptualising and building global institutions in education and technology, Shiv Nadar Foundation seeks models of education that are sustainable, scalable and replicable across geographics and societies. With sustainability at the foundation of all ventures, the Foundation seeks to establish institutions of lasting impact that have the power to transform generations.

Partnerships: Shiv Nadar Foundation is committed to pioneering creative partnerships for fortifying its founding pillars with trusted partners who work together as allies in achieving the common goal of fostering avenues for inclusive, transformational education.

Aim: The Shiv Nadar Foundation, guided by a vision of transformational leadership, is dedicated to nurturing individuals with leadership qualities. Through its inclusive educational ecosystem, the foundation empowers people of diverse backgrounds to unlock their full potential. By offering innovative programs, scholarships, and initiatives, the foundation cultivates a vibrant society that thrives on knowledge, creativity, and ethical values, fostering a new generation that exhibits transformational leadership qualities for a better future.