YOU can make a difference!

Support the Shiv Nadar Foundation in its journey of transformational education centered on initiatives dedicated to towards meritorious students from rural and less-advantaged communities.

Ways of Giving and Engaging with Individuals

Pledging Unrestricted Funds and Legacies for Less-Advantaged Students

The Foundation is working towards a corpus fund meant for providing loans and scholarships to students graduating from our VidyaGyan Leadership Academy. Empowering students to pursue higher education from top institutions in India or abroad is the sole objective of the corpus.

All gifts and funds will have a monitoring mechanism. The Foundation plays a pivotal role in maintaining a high level of accountability and transparency. All contributions from India, the USA, the UK have tax benefits.

Create and Promote a Special Project

If you are passionate about spreading education, the Shiv Nadar Foundation gives you opportunities to explore and get truly involved in entrepreneurial innovations and thought leadership programs that will enhance learning for students.

Your experience and expertise will empower our students with hands-on industry experience, add value to their paths, and benefit the communities they belong to.