Contributing as a volunteer is an integral extension of both organizational and personal development. Many organizations regularly encourage their employees to volunteer for causes they relate to, as it offers numerous potential gains such as improving employee involvement, developing of soft skills such as leadership capabilities, etc. The Shiv Nadar Foundation envisions innovative corporate volunteering opportunities at its leadership institutions.

Corporate Giving

The Shiv Nadar Foundation has set an innovative model for rural students from Uttar Pradesh. The Foundation handpicks meritorious students who have been supported and nurtured for seven years in a coordinated academic ecosystem. Corporates rooting for rural talent are welcome to step in to support bright and gifted students to pursue higher education both in India and abroad. This will give them wings to chase their dreams and meet their aspirations.

All gifts and funds are tracked by a standard monitoring mechanism. The Foundation plays a pivotal role in maintaining a high level of accountability and transparency. All contributions from India, the USA, the UK have tax benefits.