Dr. Shashikant Albal

Dr. Shashikant Albal obtained his Master of Engineering from the University of Bombay and his Ph.D. from IIT-B in the field of Computer-Aided Design using finite element techniques. Prior to SSN, he worked at Bombay University (VJTI) for 12 years and taught a variety of subjects. In addition to academics and research, he has worked in diverse roles in leading industries for 20 years, where he handled the responsibilities of training, technology, and software project management. He has been the director of SSN SASE since its inception (November 2001) and the Director of SSN SACE since its inception in 2014. He teaches a number of subjects, including Managing Software Development, Software Process Definition, Software Measurement, and Personal Software Process.

At present, he is also focusing on the utilization of technological advancements in innovative teaching and learning processes. He is recognized as an international faculty member by the Institute for Software Research at Carnegie Mellon University. He worked as a program committee member of the International Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (CSEET) from 2009-10 onwards. In March 2015, Dr. Albal received an award from CMU on behalf of SSN for the longest international partnership.