Rameshwari Chauhan

Rameshwari Chauhan is from J.P. Nagar. Her mother died when she was very young, and her father, Bharat Singh, works as a field laborer. After completing class 5, she was expected to drop out of school and help her family with their daily chores. However, on the basis of merit, she cleared the VidyaGyan entrance. Today, apart from being an exceptional student, she is also one of the best sportspeople at VidyaGyan. She has won medals in volleyball and athletics and wants to excel in kho-kho, running, and handball. Besides, she aspires to become a professional athlete and coach other women like her to excel in the field of sports. When she joined VidyaGyan, she was intimidated by the big school, and she worried about the environment of the school. Today, she has adapted to the environment and is doing very well in her studies. Priyanka’s goal is to become a teacher and ensure that every child in her village gets the education and opportunity that they deserve.

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