S. N. Balakrishnan

Dr. S. N. Balakrishnan, Professor of Aerospace Engineering in the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Engineering Mechanics at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, is the chancellor of the Shiv Nadar University and the chairman of the Executive Council. Dr. Balakrishnan also heads IST Rolla, an engineering firm focused on providing clients with the very best in research, development and technology.

Dr. Balakrishnan’s research interests include Control of aerospace and mechanical systems, flight and orbital mechanics, optimization, identification and estimation, numerical methods, stochastic processes, neural networks, wavelets. His major technical contributions include the development of a new closed form suboptimal control for non-linear systems called the theta-D control which approximates solutions to the Hamilton-Jacobi- Bellman equations. He has a strong research record in intelligent control and was the first to develop optimal neurocontrollers for systems modeled by partial differential equations and for systems driven by impulse inputs. He has developed optimal control and filters solutions to spacecraft, helicopter, missile, aircraft, manufacturing and MEMs problems using neural networks. He has also developed and implemented optimal temperature profile control, vibration control and aircraft control using neural networks. Dr. Balakrishnan has also formulated a new approach to guidance and control called the Integrated Guidance and Control (IGC) and has shown its success in missile interception problems.

Dr. Balakrishnan is associated with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and Sigma Gamma Tau. He has published numerous papers and guided Post Doctoral and post graduate students at the University. Dr. Balakrishnan holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.