Shiv Nadar Foundation - Celebrating 20 years
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Shiv Nadar Foundation - Celebrating 20 years
About the Annual Report:
The Annual Report 2013 was launched in an event celebrating the 20 years of the Shiv Nadar Foundation, with the aim of setting new benchmarks in governance, disclosures and transparency in philanthropy in India. In a country such as ours, where 1000s of Trusts exist, it is important that a foundation working on the scale of the Shiv Nadar Foundation establishes its differentiator on the lines of transparency and governance.
Divided into three distinct parts --- the operational section, the governance section and the financial section, this report seeks to document the Foundation in detail. The operational section describes each institution of the Foundation in detail and explains their functioning, progress, significant achievements and major differentiators. This section also includes detailed profiles of all board members and other senior executives.
The governance sections details out the systems, processes and controls followed by the Foundation. It mentions the composition, responsibilities and rights of the Board and also mentions the Foundation’s commitment to values, its annual plans and compliance framework. Strengthening governance and ensuring transparency is a continuous process being followed with the help of Grant Thornton including bringing in best global practices.
The third and final section of the Annual Report shares a condensed version (abstract of detailed combined financials including the report of Grant Thornton) of the Foundation’s combined financials, reviewed by Grant Thornton, including combined balance sheet, combined statement of income and expenditure and the cash flow statement. This section is supported by Management Analysis which provides a snapshot on financials and key metrics of the Foundation for the year ended on 31st March 2013.
SNF Annual Report in INR
SNF Annual Report in USD