On the 18th of January, 2016, the Hon’ble President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee visited the Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida today and dedicated the University to the nation, calling it ‘an institute of national significance.’ He also laid the foundation stone of the university residential complex on the occasion.

Hon’ble Governor of Uttar Pradesh Shri Ram Naik was the Chief Guest of the occasion accompanied by Shri Shahid Manzoor, Hon’ble Minister of State, Labour & Employment, Uttar Pradesh who graced the occasion as a distinguished guest.

Speaking on the occasion, the Hon’ble President, Shri Pranab Mukherjee said, “As a country with one of the world’s youngest population, India’s success lies in its ability to leverage its demographic dividend. Education plays a very significant role in not only empowering the youth but also in nation-building. The most prestigious and reputed universities globally have been built on the fundamental pillars of excellence – meritocracy, flexibility to explore, freedom to challenge oneself and grow from failure, and most importantly, innovation and research. In a relatively short span of time, the Shiv Nadar University has emerged as one of India’s leading private universities. I believe the Shiv Nadar University will emerge as a landmark institution, critical to nation-building in the 21st century and beyond and in time, will also take its rightful place among the pantheon of great universities of the world. It is my honour to dedicate the Shiv Nadar University to the nation.”

Inaugurating the faculty residential complex the Hon’ble President further added, “The residential character of the University for both faculty and students will help nurture a strong environment for exploration, collaboration and continuous dialogue.”

During the event, Shri Ram Naik, the Hon’ble Governor of Uttar Pradesh observed that “Indian universities do not have any significant global presence. The main reason for this could be the lack of interest in innovative thinking and research. I am happy to know that research is one of the most important components of the eco-system of Shiv Nadar University.”

Shiv Nadar, Founder & Chairman, HCL and Shiv Nadar Foundation said, “I am extremely grateful to have the Hon’ble President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee with us here at Shiv Nadar University today. The Shiv Nadar University has come a long way, from a small building on a 286-acre land four years ago we have now grown into a vibrant residential campus with over 2000 students, 184 faculty members and nearly 2 million sq feet of built-up space. I echo the hon’ble President’s views that research-led education is fundamental to nation-building. In developing countries the research universities have crucial roles to play in creating differentiated and effective academic systems, and in making it possible for their countries to join the global knowledge society.”

“We are committed to our mission of nation-building and empowering the youth. With our emphasis on multi-disciplinary learning, a student-centric approach and a strong focus on research, we are constantly working to play a key role in raising the benchmarks of Indian higher education,” Mr. Nadar further added.

Dr. S. N. Balakrishnan, Chancellor, Shiv Nadar University, in his concluding address said, “It is the ideal stage for us now, to dedicate our institution to this great nation and with the performance so far, we feel that we are deserving of the President of India’s consideration to do it.

Hitch your wagon to a star, said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Shiv Nadar University is a dream factory and our faculty are dream facilitators. I look forward to continuing our journey as it gets all the more challenging and exciting, with your support and encouragement. Long live India”, Dr. Balakrishnan further added.

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