Shiv Nadar

A simple act of giving is like creating a ripple in a vast ocean of disparity, trying to push the disparate form towards equality. Imagine the quantum of social impact that can be created when many such ripples move towards achieving a common goal.

From the time I started the Foundation in 1994, we chose to work towards building an equitable society on the pillars of creating leadership, meritocracy, transparency and transformational education. We asked ourselves a few important questions that probably deserved more attention than they had so far received – is rural education only about eradicating illiteracy or can it also create rural leaders; can research be the game changer for Indian higher education sector; is the current system of education doing enough to create life & value skills among kids; how can we leverage technology to transform the primary education landscape in rural India.
Today, I am pleased that the SNF institutions are on their way to finding solutions to some of these challenging questions, and in the process, transforming education practices in India in a novel manner. SNF is a young organization and this journey has just started. However, I am sure that these early steps are in the right direction and the difficult task of ‘getting started’ has been done.
At the same time, I also believe that finding solutions to these complex problems, in a nation of our size and diversity, is beyond the scope of a single organization, however large it may be. Thus, I think that it is the right time to give ‘Giving’ a new direction in our country. It will require creation of new models of excellence in philanthropy by the corporate sector, the policy makers and the not-for-profit organizations. These models need to be sustainable, scalable and replicable so that all participants in the ecosystem can adopt, and if required, refine these to create their own solutions to address our nation’s most pressing problems. Only then will we be able to transform ‘Giving’ into ‘Giving of a Higher Order’, to accelerate our progress towards wiping out social inequalities and creating a stronger nation.


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Creative vs. Corrective

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Awards & Recognition

  • award1

    Corporate Citizen Award

    Shiv Nadar received the AIMA Managing India Corporate Citizen Award 2014, for his efforts in philanthropy.

  • award2

    ICSI Lifetime Achievement Award

    Shiv Nadar was felicitated with Lifetime Achievement Award 2013, by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), the apex body of corporate governance in India.

  • award3

    Golden Peacock Award

    Shiv Nadar received the Golden Peacock Award for Social Leadership 2014, from Institute of Directors, India.

  • award4

    World’s Most Innovative People Award

    Roshni Nadar Malhotra was felicitated by World Summit of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (WSIE), for Philanthropic Innovation.

  • Shiv Nadar

    Forbes Outstanding Philanthropist

    Shiv Nadar was named the Forbes
    Outstanding Philanthropist of the Year 2015.


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