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I Believe I Can Fly:

Kanhiya Lal - 14years

Kanhiya’s story is very similar to innumerable other rural children who are not blessed with a loving and nurturing home. At the tender age of fourteen, Kanhiya ran away from home. He belongs to a very small village in Uttar Pradesh called Sultandhel. His family comprised of seven members and with the death of his father there was no bread earner in the family. His elder brother started farming and worked in the factory to take care of his widowed mother, wife and younger siblings.

When he joined VidyaGyan, despite his villagers discouraging remarks, his elder brother stood strongly by him and today he impacts his many peers in the village and dreams of becoming a pilot. Kanhiya is a very shy kid but he is working very hard to achieve his dreams. He now speaks English with a lot of ease and confidence. He loves playing football and computers.  He believes that now he can fly.

Priyanka Baliya -13 years

Baghpath is a very small village in U.P and as such it is very difficult to locate on the map. Priyanka is a thirteen-year-old girl who hails from this village. Her father died when she was very young and ever since the impoverished family started falling to pieces. The family conditions became so desperate that she had to start living with her maternal uncle, who was a professional jeep driver. She started her school there. Her mother and two elder brothers live with their paternal uncle in Muzzafarnagar. Her father was a teacher, so both her siblings aged nine and ten aspire to become a teacher one day.

When she joined VidyaGyan, she was intimidated by the big school and she worried about the environment of the school. Today, she has adapted to the environment and is doing very well in her studies. Priyanka’s goal is to become a teacher and ensure that every child in her village gets the education and opportunity that they deserve.


Help them achieve their dreams. Help us give them their wings.